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Holding Elections on Zoom


I am in an organization that hold our meetings on Zoom.  We would like to hold a meeting on Zoom to elect leadership in our organization.  We have 100 members.  How can we do that?  Thanks for any suggestions.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You'd need to first ensure that your license accommodates the number of participants in the meeting (at least 100, in your case).


From there, you have a number of options to 'conduct' the election, including manual vote-taking, third-party Zoom-integrated voting apps, or Zoom's built-in polling feature (







If you're still looking for a solution for your election then take a look at the Mi-Voice Voting App available from Zoom Marketplace which can help you.


The Mi-Voice App can be used to manage all voting aspects of your meeting, whether this is an AGM, Conference or Board Meeting. Only individuals eligible to vote at the event are able to do so, with controls in place to ensure the accuracy and security of the process.


Voting items can be presented individually, in groups or all at once, with complete control afforded to the Chair on the opening/ closing of a voting matter with instant access to the result.


Once downloaded the app will allow anyone with a valid voting code to vote. To set-up a vote you will need to speak to the Mi-Voice Sales Team at ***********


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