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High CPU Usage Issue with Zoom App on Intel Evo Laptop


Hello forum members,


I'm experiencing a concerning issue with the Zoom app on my Intel Evo laptop [], and I'm seeking some assistance to address this problem. Whenever I launch the Zoom app, it immediately consumes 100% of my CPU resources, causing significant performance degradation and system slowdowns.


I have verified that my Intel Evo laptop meets the necessary specifications for running the Zoom app, including the recommended processor and memory requirements. However, despite having a capable system, the Zoom app monopolizes my CPU resources, making it nearly impossible to multitask or perform other tasks smoothly while the app is running.


I have tried reinstalling the Zoom app, updating to the latest version, and adjusting various settings, but the issue persists. It seems to be a specific problem with the Zoom app's compatibility or optimization on my Intel Evo laptop.


If any of you have encountered a similar issue where the Zoom app excessively utilizes CPU resources on an Intel Evo laptop or if you have any suggestions or workarounds to mitigate this problem, I would greatly appreciate your insights and assistance.


Thank you in advance for your support and expertise!