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Hide participants


I want to record the a live zoom video and use it later for a payed training.
So I would like to hide all the participants except me during the recording.
Is it possible ?

I would like to see them during the session but not on the record.

It's for today... 

Thanks !


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Sabrina,


thanks for reaching out to our Zoom Community!


So what I would recommend in this instance is to make sure the following settings are set up:


1. In the WebPortal > Settings > Recording Tab > Recording ACTIVE SPEAKER with SHARED SCREEN. That way you will only record the person that is actively speaking (in this case only you).


2. In the Meeting itself, disable the setting for participants to unmute themselves. You can find this under your Security button and remove the checkmark where it says "Allow Participants to: Unmute". As a common practise I would always let me audience know that the session will be recorded and that they cannot unmute themselves during this time. You can always let them refer to the chat box in case there are any questions that you can answer after the recording has been stopped.


I hope this helps! Good luck on your session!