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Hide attendee list

How can I hide attendee names for others in a meeting? We’re hosting a meeting where the attendee list should not be visible to other attendees due to data security reasons.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @wutzelmutz,


The only way the participant list can be hidden is if using a Zoom Webinar instead of meeting.  Attendees will not be able to see a participant list, but Panelists and Host will.


This could work if you are looking for a one to many type experience.  If you need/want your Participants to be interactive with camera and mic, then this would not.


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so then, the question becomes how?  Using webinar, how to you hide the attendees from each other.  I.e. as an attendee, no option to see everyone (numbers of) who is attending live. Example of desired attendee view below:

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Webinars restrict attendees like that automatically. Attendees cannot see the number of participant, their names, or their videos/audio, as those cannot be accessed without the host's permission. 


Only the host and other designated panelists are seen and heard by the attendees, as well as able to see the number and full list of attendees. 


oh - ok. I might not have realised this as I'm always seeing the host/panelist view. I have been searching for this for AGES... not realising that our attendees already see what I'm wanting them to. If this is the case, awesome! Thank you for taking the time to respond