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Here's a strange audio problem, anyone know the answer?


Alrighty, here's a strange one. It's past all the basic troubleshooting. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, zoom, etc. 

I use zoom almost daily. The audio and speakers stopped working randomly one day. Appears unrelated to any security issue or update on my computer. When I uninstall my microphone, I can listen to others on the zoom call. If my microphone is installed, the audio stops.  Zoom alerts that it "failed to detect your microphone." When I try to use headphones (wired or bluetooth) all I hear is a grinding noise. The microphone does not work in any scenario regardless of speakers. 

My husband has the same computer and his driver is older, so I uninstalled everything and then downloaded the same driver. This also did not work. 

When I try any automatic troubleshooting, it just says an unexpected error has occurred and I can't do anything there, either. 

I have not yet done a full recovery due to my work schedule. 

Any thoughts?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi claddaghmom,


Run CleanZoom to remove Zoom completely

To remove Zoom completely, including any configuration files, run CleanZoom on your device.

  1. Download and run CleanZoom (updated July 25, 2023).
    Note: Use of the clean uninstaller will completely remove the Zoom desktop client, as well as the Zoom plugin for Outlook. The Outlook add-in, Chrome/Firefox extensions, and Google Workspace add-on are unaffected.
  2. Once completed, download Zoom from our download center and reinstall

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom application – Zoom Support


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thanks,  eliot

Thank you so much for reaching out! I really appreciate it as I don't appear to have any other avenue to solve this problem. I'm three weeks into my college class and although I'm attending each class so that I'm not penalized, I cannot interact. I have no audio coming to me and I cannot speak to anyone else in any capacity (external microphone, headphones, etc.) I have exhausted all the typical troubleshooting concepts such as uninstalling and reinstalling, rolling back windows updates, downloading different drivers, defaulting advanced settings, changing settings, etc. Nothing is working. The computer is brand new and appears to have no other issues w/ any other app or program (e.g. teams is working w/o issue.)