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Help re chat settings for breakout rooms


Hi I've searched past questions/ discussions but not found anything quite the same. 
When I use my Zoom pro account, the content in the chat box remains the same/ visible to all when they are in the main rooms and breakout rooms. I can also message people when I'm in the main room and they are in breakout rooms and they can message me.
I am now doing some training with an organization. In the trial run Zoom session we just had, using their account, people in the breakout rooms could message everyone but no-one in the main room or other rooms saw the message. I could be in the main room messaging everyone but no-one in the breakout rooms sees the message. Then when we all came back to the main room, some of the content that had been in the chat had disappeared - specifically file attachments. We would like to keep the content in the chat if possible. 
I've looked at meeting room basic and advanced settings and not seen anything that quite fixes this. 
Any thoughts, anyone?
Much appreciated



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This has been some of my experience playing with chat in breakout rooms in the past, some of this is similar to you, some is different:

  • If the chat is enabled, the chat messages sent and received in each breakout room are only available to those participants in the breakout room.  (Example:  While in a breakout rooms, attendees in Breakout Room 1 cannot see breakout room chat messages sent among attendees in Breakout Room 2, and vice versa.)


  • Your chat history follows you.  This means while attendees are in a breakout room, they will still be able to view the chat messages from the main room prior to entering a breakout room.  When they return to the main room, chat messages from their specific breakout room will appear in their chat panel.


  • While someone is in a breakout room, if attendees remaining in the main room send public chat messages in the main room, those returning from a breakout room will not see those chat messages.


I've never tried sending file attachments in a breakout room, so I am not sure how those work.  When you say you can message people in the breakout room from the main room, are you sure you're not using the "Broadcast message to all" feature, and that those in the breakout room aren't using the "Ask for Help" button?


Thank you.  I'm currently finding that the chat history is not following people into the breakout rooms.  I post 2 questions in the main room chat before sending them off, and then they can't see it in the breakourt room.  What am I missing?