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Help for a blind friend




I'm trying to a help a blind friend accomplish what seems like a simple task, but I can't figure out.


There is a regularly occurring Zoom meeting he would like to attend using his iPhone. He can only use this phone via vocal commands. So what I need to do is set it up so he can say, "Siri, launch Zoom," and it will open the meeting. Or at least require very few (and vocal) additional steps.


The meeting is one that can be joined at any time, even though other people are only there one hour a week. So if Zoom could just not leave the meeting, that could solve the problem. (He doesn't use Zoom for anything else.) But that doesn't seem to be an option.


Anyone have any clever ideas? I'll be visiting him again next week and I'd love to have some options to try out.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @ThJ.


I appreciate your willingness to help your friend!


I searched and found a Zoom Support page I didn't know existed!  Take a look here: 


The article needs an update based on my iPhone now on iOS 16... click the More... button then click Siri Shortcuts.  There is a limited set there, and "Join the next meeting" might only launch the next meeting on your friend's Zoom Meetings calendar... but give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thank you---I'll check this out!

Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner

There's the call out feature also, someone in the meeting could call him and he would join directly.


Inviting others by phone (call out) – Zoom Support



You know, for this person in particular, this might be the bet choice. He would prefer the autonomy but sometimes simple is better.