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Hearing audio from muted participant


During a weekly 3-hour meeting, the participant list shows that all participants are muted. Nevertheless, we can hear when one particular participant clears his throat.  This happens week after week. The mute icon on the participant list shows that he's muted and doesn't change when we hear him clear his throat. This has gotten very annoying since it happens  every few minutes for three hours every week.


What's going on? How can we suppress this audio?





Hi @Larry8 


I have some troubleshooting questions for you...


Is anyone at all un-muted when you hear the throat-clearing? (I'll call it coughing).


When you hear the coughing, could you try a "Mute-All"(from the Participant List) and then ask your current speaker(s) to un-mute?


Does your coughing participant speak at other times, and is able to be heard? 


Are you the Host, and how many Co-Hosts are there?


Roughly how many participants total?


I experienced that this evening in our meeting.  One person was unmuted and speaking, however, everyone else is muted but still I heard two people talking and they were Muted!  That was weird.  I am aware of Zoom's privacy statement but what do you think is happening here?


They were about 73 participants.  About 5 co-hosts and 1 host.  I was neither.