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Headphones not working with Zoom... work with other programs.


Whenever I use Zoom, my headphones don't work, the sound only comes out of the computer speakers.  I've searched for some audio setting that would allow me to use headphone as that seems like the logical problem, but I can't find those audio settings anywhere.  I use Zoom everyday, so it is imperative that I get this working.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Crossbow, and welcome to the Zoom Community! Could you tell me what type of headphones you're using? Are they wired or Bluetooth?

Hi Bri... thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.  I was able to solve the problem directly with the headphone company.  I wish I could remember what they changed... something in System-> Sound in Windows 11.  I had the headphones plugged into an external monitor, and sound was coming out of both at the same time, or not at all.  To answer your question though, they are Bluetooth 😉

Hi Bri, since you're already working on this one..


I'm having the same issue. My headphones (Infurture H1 noise cancelling headphones) are plugged in, everything else filters through them, but Zoom sounds play as if the headphones didn't exist. I'd appreciate you helping to remedy!

Same issue - works with other programs but with zoom it only works with my computer speakers and microphone...the apple mac system prefs say the audio is coming from my headset (but it's not).  thanks!  -Tim


I am having the same issue. I am using headphones from an old iPhone that work fine in all other devices with or without an adapter that I use for my iPhone11.  When plugged I get no sound coming from the headphones when on a Zoom meeting though when I use the same headphones for Teams meetings or Pandora or anything else the sound comes through the computer to me through the headphones only, not from the speakers on my laptop.