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Having Issues updating Zoom emails in Outlook with 80+attendees


I'm an admin at my company that uses Zoom with Outlook. I have a user who is having the issue of having already sent an invitation out (from Outlook) to a lot of other users for an upcoming meeting. The problem she is experiencing, is having to uninvite some of the users from the meeting as well as one user with an invalid email address. When she deletes the users from Outlook and then sends out the update, Zoom keeps saying it is sending and then never goes through. She has waited more than 15 minutes, walked away from PC and came back to see that Zoom is still trying to send out the update. It happens with both adding new invitees as well as deleting already invited users.  She has already sent out an email to 80+ attendees and is now trying to uninvite/invite other attendees to that 80+ group.


With a high number of people the meeting is being sent to, is it just a waiting game for the invite email to be sent. I would assume after 15 minutes the invite should have already been sent. She has since deleted and reinstalled the Zoom Plugin for Outlook. She is using the Outlook desktop application as we can't figure out how to update already sent invites through the Outlook browser. Would it help with a whole Zoom reinstallation (Application/plug ins) 



Replying to my own post to see if any other users or Zoom support knows how to fix this issue. Don't want to get this thread lost in the forums here without any views.