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Have Zoom invite, need to find which account generated invite


I just took over a job at an organization that has 3 Zoom accounts. I need to schedule a meeting for Monday at 10am.


There is another meeting scheduled for 10am on Monday, but I cannot find that meeting scheduled in any of the organization's 3 Zoom accounts.


I contacted the committee chair and asked if she had a Zoom invite for her meeting that will apparently take place on Monday at 10am. 


She sent it to me - the link is for a reoccurring meeting and she received it over a year ago. I was able to log into the meeting.


Are there any clues within the invitation URL that would help me figure out which account this invitation came from?


Any help would be appreciated.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer
x is the meeting id. In each account search for the meeting with this ID.