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Has been config error from the recorded meeting


Hi guys,


I recorded the video meeting and I select for the location of folder to save file on external harddisk which the recorded longer to 2hrs. but when export from video file. It's just 1 hr video menaing is not finish. How I can recovery the full file? because I think has problem that zoom can't find the location in that time.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @baaborkortaek! If I am understanding correctly you are trying to export the saved video files from the external HD? After the meeting has ended, Zoom will convert the recording so you can access the files. Once the conversion process is complete, the folder containing the recording files will open.


1. Did the file location match up to what you chose here in your Zoom settings > Recording? You can also go to and see the location of the recording there. 



2. Or did you have this checked and select the file location after the meeting ended? 


By default, the recording files are formatted a certain way. The audio/video file (MP4) will be named video[random number].mp4. The audio only file (M4A) is named audio[random number].m4a.


Are you trying to export the .mp4 file or the whole folder? Looking forward to your reply! 


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Hello There, I have the same issues, my videos are 1 h length but I only see 34min in most of them  and when I play the video the quality is miserable :(. I need to rewatch my videos in order to fill out the forms for my exam and I cant do that and my deadline is end of April. what Can i do? when I delete the recording and try to convert again one of files (double click to convert files) I get the same results.