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HD video quality


Hello! Can anyone advise if, in order to create a HD video recording with a business account, all people on the call need to set their video quality settings to HD, and not just the host? I am keen for everyone to appear in HD and not just myself. If anyone can enlighten me I would be very grateful!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @KRowles thanks for your post on the Zoom Community! If you have HD as the host you will be able to host a meeting with HD enabled. Depending on the other people in the meeting with you, they may or may not be sending HD quality into the meeting. For instance, they may not have HD enabled in their client, they may not have enough bandwidth to send HD, they may even have a camera not capable of HD (this is not typical since most cameras within the last few years support HD).  But you are the only one who will need HD capabilities since you are the host. 


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