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HD Video Field Editable in Settings


Does anyone know what Zoom setting (portal or registry) governs the HD video enable/disable?  We know the registry key that will turn on/off the capability but the field is grayed out.  What setting is causing the field to not be editable?  Ideally we'd like to keep the setting turned off (which we know how to do in the registry) but allow people to turn it on but since the field is grayed out, we can't.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @VanessaS 

The account administrator may have locked the HD feature from being used.


When set up as above, the user will see the settings grayed out as follows


In this case, "Locked by admin" should be displayed.

Hi, the Group HD setting you referenced is different than what I'm referencing.  Within the user's Zoom video settings, there is a field there called 'HD'.  The field itself is grayed out so we can't 'click' or 'unclick' the button.  We can update the registry key to enable and disable for the field value but the field itself isn't editable.  See attached.