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Group HD video only runs sometimes.


I have activated Group HD video in my pro zoom account, but don't runs well. With only two people, we achive 720 resolution. At time somene else arrive to the waiting room or into the meeting, the camera resolutions falls to 360 in all the attendance, and never grow up. Including when the rest of attendance leave the meeting. If I want to recover 720 resolution, I have to close the meeting, and open it again with only two people of attendace.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Miguel_1.

You should thoroughly read and understand how Zoom handles resolution in this Zoom Support article: 
i suspect you are expecting HD in circumstances where Zoom throttles back to lower resolution simply because that’s all that’s needed under the circumstances. 

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Thanks for your help.

I try this , but doesn't works.

Only works with two participants. And don't mind if they are in full screen or not.

With tree or mor participants, is impossible to run HD.

I need HD mode without full screen mode, because I haver 4k display. 360p isn't enough in big windows using 4k monitor.

Are there any posibility to use HD mode without using put the meeting window in full-screen mode and use active speaker mode?

I pay for use HD mode, and a I want to use it.