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Google Calendar Linked, but not Syncing


I followed the directions to sync my zoom calendar to google ( Then under (1) “Profile” tab, go to the (2) “Calendar and Contacts Integration” section and click (3)”Configure Calendar and Contacts Service” button, Then select the option for “Google” and select “Next”., The next screen will display what permissions you are allowing Zoom to have over your Gmail account. For our purposes we want to leave both options selected and click the “Next Button”., I confirmed the zoom account + google calendar were the same, gave permissions) 


I also made sure on my zoom app that it has calendar syncing with the same Gmail address.  


A zoom meeting I'm invited to it on my personal calendar but NOT my zoom meeting list.

My zoom meetings are NOT showing up on my google calendar. Any suggestions? 


As you can see from the screenshot, the 2 meetings I have in zoom are not showing up on my calendar. 





We have the same issue with syncing meetings between Zoom Profile (ZoomGov cloud) and Google Calendar. For some strange reason it works for some users and some user are not able to authenticate to the same G-Suite. It does sound like a bug somewhere on a Zoom side, but Zoom support is not willing to accept that and escalate to Zoom Engineering.

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Also having the same issue only on my mobile Zoom app (mtgs tab).   Only seeing the meetings I set up, not ones that others invited me to.  Have to go open up google calendar and click on the Zoom link.  Definitely a Zoom mobile client bug.  


I have same issue with Zoom app on MAC. Not seeing zoom meetings created on google calendar on Zoom app on MAC. I only see the ones I created but not others. I chated with an agent for about 2 hours and what a painful experience. Please fix this bug. It is ridiculous. ANd please fix your support, he had no clue what he was talking.


I am also facing the exact same issue.


Having the exact same issue.  I create an Zoom meeting on the IOS mobile app, however it does not apear in my Google Cal.  Have signed out of everything, un-linked my google cal from zoom, and even uninstalled the chrome plugin, to no avail.


I have the same issue.  Did anyone find the answer?



I have the same issue. No update yet. No fix yet.


Same issue and it is extremely annoying. 


I recently linked my work Google Workspace account to my Zoom account (with the same email address).

Zoom app running on Windows 11. I made an appointment on the Zoom app, and it did NOT synchronize to Google Calendar.


In the Zoom calendar item, I had to UNCHECK Export - use an external calendar (I have Outlook on the Windows) - once that was unchecked, the calendar item synchronized to Google Calendar.


I hope this is helpful.