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Glitchy Download


I have a separate conversation going with a very helpful member but i wanted to start a new one for just this topic.


Had a meeting. Me (Shure MV7 over usb into mac, Host), participant 1 (important one whose audio i actually needed, Shure MV7, usb-c into mac), participants 3,4 (just listeners whose audio i didn't need, computer audio).


Did some takes of a voice over, all fine. Sounds great on the recording. I'm recording locally, Original Sound is on in both computers, me and Part 1. When i go to download and listen to the individual tracks, recorded locally, mine is totally fine. His, super glitchy, sounds like a sample rate issue or something. It's definitely not playback, as you can see in the image of the wave, the jitter is baked into the file. 


I ran a second test with just me and him, short little recording, changed NO settings, both recordings were fine...really at a loss. Any ideas?