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Given Host Permissions and Recorded Meeting, can't find the file


Today I joined a Zoom meeting via web browser. I was not the host of the meeting. 


After I joined, I asked the host if he could record the meeting. Rather than record the meeting himself, he gave me host permissions and suggested I record the meeting on my end. 


I started the recording from my web browser, and was notified that the recording had started. 


After we both left the meeting, I tried to find where I could access the recording, but it was not showing in my account. 


I was not a Zoom Pro user at the time of the recording. I have joined Zoom Pro immediately after realizing that the recording isn't in the account. 


Will the original host have access to the recording? Is the recording stored somewhere I am just not aware of? 



Hi nickgio,

Does the recording show up on your zoom web settings: 


It might be saved Locally if it doesn't show up on the Cloud recording:



It does not show up under my Local Recordings and it does not show up under my Cloud Recordings

Are you a Zoom admin on your company account? If you are, can you check your Recording permissions? 

Go to Admin > user management > users > find your profile > Settings tab > Recording 


Then check if Local and Cloud recording are toggled on



If you aren't an admin, have your Zoom admin check your profile.

It may be that it was defaulted to save on the host's account. Have them check their Cloud/Local recordings to see if they have it.


As mentioned in the original post, the recording was done on the Zoom web client, so the Local Recording would not be relevant. 


I have checked with the original host (who switched the host permissions over to me), and they do not see the recording in their cloud nor locally.