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Getting multiple meeting IDs when scheduling Zoom meetings through Google Calendar


I'm hoping someone may be able to help us with this issue...


We mainly use Google Calendars to schedule our meetings and use the GSuite Add-on to make the meeting a Zoom meeting.  However, a few users have started to report that the meeting ID in the body doesn't necessarily match the meeting ID in the header (see attached image).  Even passwords are different.  Has anyone else seen this?



See attached screenshot - we are having the same issue


We are also having the same issue.  Has anyone figured out the cause or fix?


I faced the same issue and was able to find out the root cause. This happens when you create a meeting on zoom and then use the "Add to Google Calendar" button to add the meeting in your Google calendar. When the meeting details open if you click on "Add Video Conferencing" and then select Zoom meeting, Google calendar will go ahead and create another zoom meeting, thats why you get the two different zoom meeting ids. 


To avoid this, do not click on "Add Video Conferencing". For meetings which are already scheduled, edit the meeting and delete the Video conferencing which was added. It might take 15 minutes for calendar of all invitees to be updated but it should be all good once it does.


Hope it helps!