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Getting kicked out of zoom and losing Host status


I use zoom almost daily and EVERY time for the last few weeks other participants see me frozen (I can still hear them but they can't hear me) and I get kicked out of the meeting.  Within seconds I am automatically brought back into the meeting.  This is VERY bad as I lose Host status and am brought back into the meeting as a participant, even though it's MY meeting.  I cannot gain host status back myself, I lose ability to control the meeting and the recording is saved on the computer of whomever was randomly given Host status.  This is EXTREMELY bad. I need to know what is going on but zoom has referred me to the community for answers.  I use zoom through Obvio which I pay a lot for and have the upgraded zoom version with it.  I have spoken to Obvio and this is a zoom problem.  Can anyone help? I have paid events coming up and I can't have people gaining Host status during them.   I have changed my computers and yesterday changed out my modem.   ????



Something similar happened to us tonight.  I was hosting a scheduled seminar and then I gave hosting over to someone else.  At 40 minutes she was kicked off saying her plan time was up but we have a paid proplan.  I got her back in, gave her host again and this time two other participants were kicked off after the share screen.  We have been using this platform for 4 years and have never had this issue. I double checked to make sure our plan was paid up in case we had been down-graded to free plan, but we had renewed in March.  We rely on Zoom for these seminars and we often share or turn over hosting.  What changed in the  last week??? I need to have reliable service.