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Frustrated beyond measure


First of all, how do you get help with this company?  I can't seem to find anyone to talk to.   Anyway, I'm a paying customer but when I send out an invite to one of my customers the link won't work.  I've tried over 8 times now, same thing, the link does not work.   When I call to get help at zoom,  it asked for my 10 didget meeting ID.  Then asked me to log on to the website for the host ID #.  It's a 6 didget number.  I logged in and can't find a stupid host ID #.   What do I do now!?!

Can someone help me?





Hi, @GaryBurns –


To your first question, “how do you get help with this company “: The volunteers here in the Zoom Community do our best to help out where we can.  If you have a Pro account, you can drop a Support Ticket to Zoom Staff here for assistance by email: 

This option is also available to users on Business and Enterprise plans, but an account plan Admin on those toes ID accounts can also make phone calls to Zoom Staff for assistance as well. Check with your Admin if this applies to you.


Most every method of creating a Zoom Meeting provides a clear way to copy an invitation text which includes the URL for joining the meeting, and this generally works flawlessly, thousands of times every day – so I’m going to need more info if you’d like help here. 


You mention that this happened when you “send out an invite to one of my customers”. Are there other customers you send links to that do work? Or does this problem happen with every customer and every link you send?

It sounds to me like either you or your customer is new to Zoom. Once we figure this out, I’m sure you’ll be able to successfully connect any time you need to. 


Is there another person in your company (or a friend  nearby) that’s a frequent Zoom user?  Can you get that  person to send a customer or other associate a link that does work? Then you try sending a link to the same customer or associate. If that doesn't work, I think it would be helpful for you to get some guidance from the frequent Zoom user, since they will be able to watch the steps you are taking to get the link and offer suggestions.


If the issue really is with just one costumer – and all other customers are able to join your meetings – then we need to know if that person regularly joins Zoom meetings successfully with links from other invitees, or only with you. 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" /
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