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Frozen picture on zoom call in car


I joined a zoom meeting in my car. I could hear the host ( through my car speaker), but could not see him or anyone else. All I could see was my image, and then it froze. After a couple of minutes with it still frozen, I decided to leave the meeting and hit the “leave meeting “ button on my car panel. The call seemed to end. However, later when closing open tabs on my iPhone, the frozen picture of myself was one of the open tabs with “leave meeting” button on the bottom. I clicked the button and it seemed like it was just then leaving meeting. My question is: could people in the meeting see me driving the entire time, or was that tab/ photo just “stuck” there because it froze? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Klittle72,

 Hard to say exactly what happened, but it sounds like your cell service got spotty, and the Zoom app prioritized your audio, which caused the video to freeze.

 As for the video window being open – there’s another step after hitting Leave Meeting to confirm that you really meant to leave.  Perhaps that step didn’t get completed. Also possible, the “stuck video” window might have just gotten abandoned by the app until you tried to close everything out. 
You should note a red or green oval indicating that a meeting is in progress at all times – similar to the oval you see when on a phone call. Next time you’re unsure, look for that at the top of your device’s screen. If you see it, then you haven’t completely exited the meeting.

Hope that helps. 

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