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Friends in China can no longer connect to my links


On Friday, March 31, my friends in China were able to meet me on zoom using my Personal Meeting Room link (free edition), like we always use. Beginning Saturday, April 1, they were no longer able to use this link. I already checked that I didn't have China blocked, or any other country. I then also tried changing my settings to specify that China be allowed. My friends tried joining from the app and the browser. No luck either way. I also tried searching in the news for any updates but haven't seen anything to say that there has been a change in foreign policies. In fact, the sole article that I found specifically said that citizens in China would still be allowed to join American meeting links, they just can't purchase Zoom software directly. Has anyone had any success? My friends do not have the option of a VPN at this time.



I have the same problem too! but my other clients in China can use my other zoom since I have 2 accounts last week up until today. Now they cant use both. I wonder if there must be something to be done to fix this. 



Exact same issue!  My client said they contacted Zoom support and were told that I needed to have a paid account, but I cannot find any information about this anywhere.

That sounds like extortion. 

I was shocked when I got that information, but I'm still trying to find out if it is accurate.  I am seeing no information about this change anywhere, other than this post.  I was not notified by Zoom of any changes.  This needs to get sorted out.

I agree.  Neither Zoom nor happy Zoomers like myself need negative information posted about Zoom if it is not true.  I did read of one person who posted in another thread that he was reconnected with help from Zoom Support.  When he was asked about his account, it is a paying account.  It would be helpful to receive some verification about this.

This just happened to me on Friday 8/21/23 for the first time. I have had a paid Zoom account. I can't call into support because I only have a regular paid account, not a pro one. I sent a ticket. 



If this is the case, then Zoom should have made a public announcement and sent emails regarding such a requirement. Has this been verified by a Zoom Employee?  If that has been the issue, then everyone should have been told, and if it is not, then we need to know this as well.  Thank you in-advance. 


Apparently, only paid zoom accounts can be accessed by Chinese users unless they have VPN.
I've tried voov which is free and unlimited, but I'm not happy with the share screen (only host can be seen on video). Classin is another option but only 20 sessions are free per month.

This lines up with what I have heard as well.  I guess this is some newly implemented policy that was not communicated by Zoom?  After years of having things work well for them to suddenly not work unexpectedly is beyond disappointing.  I will definitely be looking into Voov and Classin, thanks for that information.

Was this verified? I think Zoom should announce it. 

Thank you! 


The governments use Zoom for all kinds of shady practices that are completely unethical and illegal. Hostage situations and psychological  warfare.

Court rooms are empty but zoom rooms are full. They have discretion and immunity. Now they have zoom. It's a very disturbing truth. 


Has anyone tried purchasing an account and clients in China were able to join a Zoom meeting? 


I have heard from 30+ people that their PAID accounts are accessible to their clients in China, no VPN required. Likewise, 30+ people have reported that their FREE accounts are not. However, when I finally got through to a customer service rep on the chat yesterday, she said that all accounts require that people in China use a VPN??? That doesn't line up with what's actually happening though. 

It is true. I am having a class as we speak and I am using a paid account. my students didnt have to use a VPN

Thank you! I just dont want to spend the money and it not work. 



Thank you for the information. I could not have class this morning. I do not want to spend over a hundred dollars and it not work. 

Are you saying that you made a Zoom upgrade, and it still would not work?  What level did you try?  It is not 05/20/2023.  I'm looking for a positive resolution.


Yes I have. I am using my aunt's account and it is pro premium. So the chinese clients can enter. It works. However I wish to use my own still. 


Are you still connecting with them using Zoom as of 05/20/2023?  If that is the case, Zoom really should make an announcement. 


I am having the same issue.  Zoom seriously needs to communicate to their clients about such changes. If we must go to paid, I want to know for sure that my account connects.  My client now has requested me to move to Voov, so that is my temporary solution if it works.


I have the same connection issue with friends in China.  I hope this will be resolved very soon. We have not been able to communicate for over a month now.  One person said Zoom Support reconnected him.  I am reading everything I can here in order to find a solution.

I also tried Skype this week (05/18/2023), but we were not able to connect from the US. I read online tonight that connection issues have been consistently experienced there as well, and that Microsoft is working on them. 

I am jumping ahead to read the posts below yours, and it seems that Zoom itself is providing access only for paying accounts.  If this is the case, Zoom should have made an announcement long in-advance. Then people could have registered and not have lost connections.  I am only communicating with a few individuals and only use the basic chat box and whiteboard. I do not need all the other features.  Can a Zoom Employee verify this, please?  Thank you.


My account is paid. My friends are not. I meet with many in China. Some are able to join easily - no VPN, etc. Some are not able to join. Perhaps the difference is geographical?


ZOOM is forcing Chinese users to upgrade to paid accounts, which users in other countries do not need to, it's discrimination!

It would not benefit Zoom to discriminate against Chinese users.  Chinese users would simply find another route, and Zoom would lose that business.  It is likely that some restriction has been placed on Zoom from China.  Additionally, for those with free accounts, Zoom is not earning anything - not a "dime".  So Zoom does not really owe people who are not paying, although if the issue was on China's side, then it would have helped for Zoom to put out a formal announcement and send emails instead of people just finding themselves disconnected like what happened with the Berlin Wall many years ago and other countries who terminate external internet contact. 


Where there's a "will", there's a way.  Figure out a way and don't rely solely on Zoom. 


Add xxx data center and try again.

@whiteboard - Can you please clarify: who needs to add the HK Data Center?  The Zoom account holder or the Chinese user?  I wouldn't want to mess up the connections I have if the account holder is the one who needs to make the change. 


The account holder

"Thank you" unless @whiteboard is AI. 

I just found a Zoom article - not by searching on Zoom but through a regular search.  For anyone else, this is what I found.  You do not have this option unless you meet the prerequisites from this Zoom article: "Selecting data center regions for meetings/webinars," last updated: June 29, 2023 as follows:


Prerequisites for selecting data center for hosted meetings and webinars

  • Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account



Now I'm wondering is "Whiteboard" a person, or AI? 


Hey! I have been having this issue for many months. Zoom says one things, then another agent says another. Have any of you guys been able to resolve this issue of connecting with Chinese clients? I pay for Zoom Pro and am absolutely raging at the lack of support and the "fact' that they expect Chinese customers to pay. They are going to lose millions of dollars as we are getting so sick and tired of losing customers, even more so because I am paying a crazy fee every month to use something Teams offers for free! ClassIn is another option that works in China. Voov. Zoom needs to get its act together and tell the truth.