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Free Account Time Limits


My team is utilizing free Zoom accounts and about a week ago we started getting kicked out of meetings after 40 minutes with one-on-one meetings. Did they change the free accounts so now ALL meetings have a 40 minute time limit?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Yes, all free users, whether on a paid or free account, are limited to 40-minutes for all their meetings. To remove the time limit, they must be upgraded to a Licensed user. 


I just had a 1:1 personal meeting where the time limit message came up at 30 minutes and blocked out much of the screen for the remaining 10 minutes. I could not see the other person, and could not close, move or downsize the box. Is there any way to get rid of the message so at least the last 10 minutes are useable?


apparently that's NOT TRUE.


since 1/1/2023 my FREE account is worth less than nothing because I can't even START a meeting. 


free accounts are not worth much at all (maybe that's why they're FREE).


i hate this product now. never had a problem before 1/1/2023 and then ALL THE PROBLEMS BEGAN.


it's sunday night 2/26/2023 and for the UPTEENTH time I cant' even get a darngammit meeting STARTED...let alone get 40 minutes of a problem free effing meeting.