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Floating Thumbnail on Iphone


I suddenly have a floating thumbnail view of my picture/video. How can I restore this so it's not floating and looks like the rest of the meeting members in the call? 


This problem has been mentioned in this forum and I still do not see any resolution to it mentioned. Please help. Once again, this has to do with the view on my iphone. On my laptop I do not have this floating thumbnail. 





If you open the Screenshot app, which is found in Applications > Utilities, you will see there is an option to "Show Floating Thumbnail." It may be enabled by default. When you take a screenshot, you can right-click or Control-click on the Floating Thumbnail and choose "Show in Finder" to see the file path.



Rachel Gomez

Rachel- I have an iPhone and found neither applications nor utilities. Neither file path. What exactly were you referring to? 
there is no screenshot app on the iPhone. 

my floating thumbnail only exists on my mobile zoom app for my iPhone 13 not while using for my windows based desktop app.