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Flexibility between Zoom Versions


Most of the time, the 40" limit with Basic is more than sufficient to meet my needs.

However, once a week I need 2-3 hours.

I want the Basic as I have no use for the Add-Ons in the paid subscriptions.

Can I subscribe to the Pro Option a bit before my 2-3 hour meeting starts and then sign out of Pro and return to Basic status,  My thought is to fairly pay Zoom for the once a week longer meeting -- a user fee so to speak-- without locking myself into more options than I want.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Joan1227.


It won't work exactly as you describe... but if you need longer meetings once or twice a year or so, you could subscribe to the Pro plan on a monthly basis.  From the Zoom Pricing page:



Select the Monthly payment option:


Note that you would need to "cancel" the subscription in order to prevent it from being automatically renewed at the end of the current period.  If you start on the 7th of the month, it will continue through the 6th of the following month.  Be sure to cancel at least a few days before the end; canceling early won't stop your subscription early... you can continue using it until the monthly runs out.

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