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First Timer's International Meeting


I have been using my personal basic Zoom account for successful meetings.  But a few newly interested folks on the topics covered (genealogy) wish to join.  I never have done an international meeting.  Of course aware of time zones but any tips from the Community on "tap-ins" from Ireland, England or Germany?  At age 75, I need details and step-by-step procedures and don't see these in the few outdated posts on International Meetings.  No costs here, but what are estimated costs from Europe so we don't burn up our international guests budgets?  If Zoom is not "free", can somethings like WhatsApp be configured to allow visitors to join a locally hosted meeting?  Thanks in advance.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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Zoom works for Meetings internationally without additional charge, as long as you are connecting to audio via the computer. Same goes for Webinars. The only time additional cost are involved is if you connect by dialing a phone to reach the session’s audio. Connecting within the Zoom app is the best way. 

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