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Fffft....Fffft...Fffft... Sound in the background of one person in the meeting that only I can hear.



When I am in my weekly manager meeting, there is one person's audio that, whenever she speaks, there is a constant "Fffft...." sound that occurs 2-3 times a second. I have asked about it in the meeting and nobody else says they hear it.  Weird.  Am I listening more carefully? Something on my end? I do not hear it from anyone else's audio in this or other meetings. 

Her computer and mine are newer Lenovo's running Win 10 Pro. 

??? Sound clip:






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, Mark,


One quick question: Do you wear headphones, earphones, or other audio headgear?


I listened to the clip you provided... and it sounded fine (with no distracting noise) to me when playing through my desktop speakers (well, they're under the desk to prevent audio feedback with my desk microphone).  I popped in my acoustic ear buds and Viola!...  I heard it!  Sounds like an open mic with someone thrumming their fingers every 2-3 seconds.  Could be anything.


No clue what's causing it, but I'd say it's probably physical or environmental -- not Zoom or Windows induced.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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