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Feature Request - Near-End Camera Control

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello, Community!


My team and I regularly submit feature requests (like, a LOT of feature requests) to Zoom, but I'm looking to get in the habit of sharing these here so that if other community users feel that the proposed features (sometimes blatant oversights or bug-fixes that get classified as 'features' by Zoom dev teams) are useful, additional feature requests can be lodged to gain traction.



Requested Feature: Near-End Camera Control


Description: Ability to control PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) of a Zoom-certified UVC-compatible webcam directly from the Zoom application. If supported by the camera, additional UVC standards parameters could be modified (contrast, brightness, saturation, focus).


Context: Zoom Client currently has access to UVC controls (PTZ) with its far-end camera control options, but offers no option for near-end control. More simply, others can be delegated access to control your camera, but you can't even control it yourself!!


Use-case: Zoom Client users may wish to adjust their webcams and currently need to do so using a 3rd-party utility. Increases productivity, reduces bloatware.


Estimated implementation effort: Minimal. Again, Zoom Client is already able to control compatible cameras, but the control is not given to the local user. Mac and Windows Zoom Rooms systems have full control access to local cameras as well.



If you think near-end control is a feature that you or your users would utilize, please be sure to submit a formal feature request!