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Facing Screen Stuck Problem


Hi there, I had one to one session with my mentor. I want to share site my mentor to audit my results site.  But when I share screen, screen stuck.


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @johncobb, welcome to the Zoom community! I recommend trying out these different troubleshooting steps: 


  1.  Update Zoom to the latest version 
  2.  Un-install and re-install Zoom 
  3.  Allow Zoom to access your mic and camera. Instructions below:
    - Go to Settings and select Privacy.
    - On the left-hand pane, right under App permissions, click Camera.
    - Turn on the following two options: Allow access to the camera on this device, and Allow apps to access your camera.
    - Go to Allow desktop apps to access your camera and make sure Zoom is on the list.allow zoom desktop app to access camera windows 10
    - Do the same for your mic. Ensure Zoom can access and use both your camera and mic.
    - Check if you can share your screen now.


Let me know if any of this helps 😊