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Facetime Camera flickers and shows other participants!


We have been experiencing and odd glitch with one of the members of our team. She is using the built in facetime camera on her Intel MacBook Pro. Periodically during meetings her video feed will flicker, go black and white, and sometimes actually show small frames of other participants' video in her square.

We've tried all the standard system troubleshooting for her camera and the problem persists. Anyone else seen anything like this? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

The effect when her video feed is glitching is reminiscent of a low quality analog video feed, like a closed circuit tv kind of. The strangest part is seeing the other participants' feeds show up in her frame.



yes this has also been happening to myself as well as other team members of our company since the upgrade. and i am not sure how to fix this issue because my job requires my video to be on at all times


Having this situation all the day today, however skype and other camera apps work fine. Could not find a way how to report it. Hope I will not see these faces as a nightmare 


Wow! I came here looking for a resolution to the same issue, which started happening to me TODAY as well (Jan. 11, 2023). My first meeting went fine, then I installed some f'n update, and the next meeting looked like a horror film on my camera. Like a shotty CCTV camera showing everyone's video feeds in black and white and green - turning the camera off and on only helped for a few seconds, then the same shtuff happened again. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!


I deleted and reinstalled the 64-bit zoom, so hopefully that takes care of it. BTW, I use a Dell laptop w/ a built-in camera.


Really, what an embarrassment. Maybe it's us, maybe it's them, but this horrible "bug" needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. My job literally depends on me using my camera and people reading my lips!




I have also been experiencing this horror movie image since installing the last update. I couldn't solve it anyway, I tried reinstalling, restarting and all the other advice I got from their bot and nada. It drives me crazy 

Me too! It is starting to sound like the last zoom update has screwed up the video!!! Where do we go from here????


Yes, same problem here, occured in years using Zoom first time after installing Zoom update. My job depends on working camera, so what to do to fix this? Zoom support, please help quickly!!!



I uninstalled and installed the latest version of Zoom on January 17th, 2023. My camera is back to normal!