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Facebook third-party apps


Facebook is cancelling third-party apps integrations. Is that going to affect our live streaming from Zoom to Facebook group as well or is this function going to keep on working even after all the apps are deleted from all the Facebook groups on the 22nd of April? Thanks. 



What FB said is you will have to have a page associated with the group to keep using Zoom in the group. That is what I understood. If you have a page associated with the group and you have the right to broadcast into the page you will be fine. 


Facebook third-party apps refer to applications developed by external developers that integrate with the Facebook platform, allowing users to access Facebook features and data through these apps. These apps can range from games and productivity tools to social media management tools and more. Developers use Facebook's API (Application Programming Interface) to access user data and interact with the platform.

When it comes to a specific app like Snaptube APK Premium, it's important to note that Snaptube is not directly affiliated with Facebook.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

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