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Facebook login vs Google login


I had a paid subscription, which I always logged into using my facebook account. Recently, as I was logging in, a window popped up with my google/G-Suite login and asked something like, "Is this google user also you?" And I clicked yes... Next thing I knew, I was logged in based on my google information, on a free account, with NONE of my meetings that I'd had scheduled, and I CANNOT figure out how to get it switched back. Every time I log out and try to log in with facebook, it redirects me to this new account, not my paid one. And since my Zoom ID shows I'm a free user, I don't have access to the tech support I'm paying for!


Community Champion

Hello @Shanna 


You should be able to create a password for your paid account.  


You can create a password by clicking on the following link: > This will direct you to sign up for Zoom.  Just use the email for your paid account and follow the prompts to create a password.  


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed. Thank you!