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External Microphone stops working with every room switch


I am using a Yeti Pro USB microphone from Yeti.  


Up until about 2 months ago, it would work seamlessly with Zoom.


More recently, every time I enter a new room (e.g. the main room upon first joining a meeting, or any breakout room or return to the main room, thereafter), my audio completely stops working.


To fix it, I am forced to go into my audio settings, select a different microphone (I select "Built In Microphone) and speaker (I select Built-In Output), and then instantly select back to my Yeti.  It is very cumbersome and happens with every room change.


Anyone know the cause of this issue, and, more importantly, a fix?


I am operating on the latest version of Zoom (and keep it updated religiously).


Thank you.


Community Champion

Hi @KdMacD thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! I wanted to let you know that we are tracking this issue with Yeti currently and working through what appears to be a bug on their end. There is actually an extensive thread in another Community post in case you wanted to track it:


Definitely hope this one gets resolved soon and we are doing anything we can from this side! 


I realize this hasn't been a "fix" to your issue but if this post has been helpful, please feel free to click "Accept as Solution" below, and have a nice weekend!