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I create a meeting on Zoom and when I share the joining link with someone on my AN5 WhatsApp, it shows "Not Paid user. (1,108)". How can I solve this problem?! It's annoying!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @JackBDMN.


I’ve seen similar messages on WhatsApp before. This is likely just an error that WhatsApp gets when it tries to showcase the thumbnail view of the URL. The URL should still work on the other person’s device.

It’s WhatsApp that isn’t licensed to see the Meeting!

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I understand your frustration! The error message "Not Paid user. (1,108)" indicates that the recipient is attempting to join your meeting using the free Zoom plan, which has a 40-minute time limit for meetings with more than 3 participants.

Here are a few solutions you can try:

Upgrade your Zoom plan: This is the most straightforward solution. Upgrading to a paid Zoom plan, such as Pro or Business, removes the time limit and allows for larger meetings. Check out Zoom's pricing page for available plans:

Shorten the meeting duration: If you know the meeting will be less than 40 minutes, you can inform the participants and let them know the meeting will end before the time limit.

Schedule the meeting with an alternative platform: If upgrading or shortening the meeting isn't feasible, consider using a different video conferencing platform with free plans that allow longer meetings, such as Google Meet (free for up to 100 participants) or Microsoft Teams (free for up to 300 participants).

 Share the meeting ID instead of the link: Sharing the meeting ID directly allows users to join the meeting without needing to click on a link. This may bypass the automatic detection of the free plan limitations.