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Error code 13215


I'm having an issue where someone cannot join my meeting, getting error code 13215. 


We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom, and starting a new meeting code... Any ideas?



Any advice would be appreciated ─ I can't find any mention of this error code anywhere online!


I have the same problem please help



I just had a student test to see if there is still a problem and there is but then they got around it using a VPN and were able to enter Zoom without a problem.


Now one person that tried logging in without a VPN has received a new error code - 1044.



I have also gotten the same message today and not sure how to fix it. 

Interesting ─ my current working theory is that it's related to Chinese censorship? It would be helpful if everyone could post the region where they've encountered this issue! I'm in the UK, but my client who tried to join the call lives in Shanghai...


China - in addition, ZHUMU took away the screen share button from free accounts last week.  I noticed that new non-mainland China subscribers to ZHUMU muat have a "sponsor" from mainland China to vouch for them before the non-mainland subscriber can open a new ZHUMU account.  I hadn't noticed that before.  

I thought taking away the ZHUMU screen-share button was just to require opgrading to paid accounts, perhaps, but anything is possible.

Just go to share screen on the home page and enter your meeting ID (you'll find it if you click on your account, I can't remember exactly how I got there, just trial and error until I found my ID #) and you can share screen after that.

Hello,                                    I've seen that screen-share option on the ZHUMU home page.  If you could possibly send the steps to make it work inside a meeting, that would be great.  I've tried it, but I can't move that screen-share feature into an open meeting on free ZHUMU., and there's no screen-share button in free ZHUMU meetings anymore.                     Thanks very much.

Nvm I tried it again and it doesn't work anymore. I'm going to use VooV. Classin is another app option. Good luck!

Thank you, TeacherRiva, for the update about ZHUMU screen-sharing in the free version, and for the Voov and ClassIn recommendations.  Screen-sharing appears to be gone from the free version of ZHUMU.

I can confirm that even customer support was not familiar with 13215.  I will post anything helpful when they get back to me.

I'm in Toronto, Canada and my friend  in Shanghai could not connect to Zoom. She was getting the error code at her end. That was 9pm EST, so this issue has been going on for several hours. 

Currently in Malaysia. Calling to China, Zhejiang Province also has the same issue 

Mine is in Central China. We tried everything to troubleshoot.

both my students from China couldn't log in today...


I’m having a problem trying to connect to my Chinese customers right now. Same


yantai- shandong


Same here.




Same, nobody can connect. Restarted my router, made new accounts, nothing works.


Can someone contact their customer support, I cannot reach them from my country and it is not free


Has anyone tried updating Zoom?

I tried that today and it didn't help me. 😥😬


Same issue please help


I'm having the same issue from overseas to U.S.  Meetings which worked yesterday, today generate error 13215 for the person trying to join from overseas.  ChatGPT said this about error code 13215, for what it's worth, but it wasn't much help:  "Error Code 13215 in the ZOOM meeting app typically occurs when the user is trying to sign in to ZOOM with an email address or account that is not recognized by the system. It may also occur if the user's account has been suspended or terminated, or if there is a problem with the user's internet connection".        Please post the answer if one is found. Thanks.

Seems like China blocked it. I wouldn't be surprised at all. I think we should consider Voov meetings.

It's still confusing, but my experience was that ZOOM (not ZHUMU) meetings using paid accounts that were originally opened from China were still available this morning.  ZOOM meetings using unpaid accounts that were originally opened from the U.S. got error code 13215.  Paid vs. unpaid? Opened from China vs. Opened from U.S.?  Technical glitch?  Thanks for mentioning Voov.  Any back-up alternatives are always welcome.  Voov is Tencent, but if it works, great!

I tried the paid account and it worked but the unpaid account does not work at all.


Could you tell me how to buy a paid account in China and how much is it?

Just posting this in case it might be helpful:

Thanks very much, Adam. An acquaintance who is a Chinese citizen in mainland China would like to purchase ZOOM. She's asking if this is possible, and how much it will cost. Also, I'm wondering what payment systems work if it is possible to purchase ZOOM meetings. I think it's ZOOM Pro. Thanks.
7:28 AM


We are unable to sell directly to customers in China.
Got it. So, they can only buy ZHUMU?





are you sure that the paid account works? Does this mean that China has nothing to do about it?




There doesn't appear to be an answer yet.  If you're in mainland China, could you try ZHUMU until this ZOOM issue is more clear?  Could you start a ZHUMU meeting and ask others to join?  You'd have to buy the paid version, though, I think if you need to screen-share.




my friend in China had this problem in USA EAST time 9:00 AM this morning. if she joining meeting with paid account, it works. if she joining meeting with free account, she cannot join zoom. 


last night USA EAST time 7:00 PM, she can join a meeting with a free account.