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Error: Failed to Detect Your Microphone and Speaker.


Zoom has worked fine forever until recently. Now, when I try to "Join with Computer Audio," I get the error message: "Failed to detect your microphone and speaker. Please make sure your devices are properly connected."

This has been a problem for about a week. I have rebooted my work laptop many times since it started. I'm on Windows 10 with a Surface Pro. 

My microphone and speakers work perfectly fine in MS Teams and on Google Meet, so it seems like a ZOOM issue. Can anybody help? I got stuck when I tried Tech Support. 


Community Champion

Hi @WillThalheimer thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! This is an unusual situation for sure, can you think of anything that changed when this problem started popping up?


I'm also curious if you have or could try exiting any of the applications which could be "locking up" the microphone and speaker, and then see what happens when joining a Zoom meeting. Please make sure applications like Teams and Google Meet are not running, are fully exited, and see if that makes a difference? 


Thank you! 

Hey Jeremy:


I have tried all your suggestions and the issue continues...doesn't happen when I use the same headphone with other platforms -- just ZOOM.


Thanks Jeremy!

I have tried shutting down other audio-using programs to no avail. I have shut off MS Teams. I have shut off Logitech Camera Settings (camera has a microphone). Does not work.

I cannot think of any changes that have occurred recently, of course, our PCs are changing all the time, aren't they?

And, Zoom audio works fine on my other laptop, with my same Zoom account.

Any other ways I can troubleshoot or get help on this. I'm a heavy Zoom user and switching to my personal PC when I'm working or using my cell phone is really burdensome.

Hi @WillThalheimer thanks for the additional information. Ok, I think we should go into the Zoom client before you try to join a meeting and start there, see what the audio settings are showing.  If you can open Zoom (I would still recommend closing any other apps running which may use the mic first) and click on "Home" at the top and then the little settings icon in the upper right


Click on "Audio" on the left and then you will see audio settings. Here you can use the drop downs to pick your speaker and microphone, and even have "Test" buttons that let you test Zoom outside of a meeting. There are other audio settings there, too, such as suppressing background noise (sometimes Auto works great but you can also set this to High if needed). What happens when you play with the different speaker and mic options and test each one?



Depending on how that goes, you may find the answer by tweaking these options. 


Further, at the bottom of the settings window is an "Advanced" link, if you click that there are some more audio settings related to the Windows Audio Drivers. 


I do hope tweaking some of those gets you up and working! 


If this has answered your question to your satisfaction, please click the "Accept as Solution" button below but if not please reply and we can continue the  discussion. Thank you!




I tried something different and it worked. I uninstalled the Zoom client and reinstalled it, and my Zoom audio works again.


If this was a temporary fix, I'll pick up the thread...

Thanks @WillThalheimer ! Sometimes that is the best way to fix odd issues, glad you are up and working! 




i have the same problem  I have HP laptop with built in Realtek mic and speakers as default It used to work with Zoom but no longer.  I have downloaded the latest Zoom software to no avail.  They work on every otherapplication.



Same here! The problem happened all of a sudden and is posing real problems for me as the phenomenon now happens in the middle of meetings and not just at the start. Help! I love ZOOM but will have to switch if this continues to pose a problem.

Hi @arenker43 did you possibly try the other ideas from the thread? Settings in the Zoom client, exiting every other application just to see if they are interfering? If those don't work, try completely uninstalling Zoom and reinstalling? 

I'm having the same issue.  Zoom suddenly started giving me Microphone not detected error, I've tried everything.  It's a 5 month old laptop, mic & speakers work on all other apps, test fine in general settings.  But when I go into ZOom and test, sound is garbled.  I've done Windows updates (Windows 11) and uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom and I still can't fix.  APparently there is no customer service for Zoom to call or text to a live person?


Same issue for me - I've tried all these suggested fixes and nothing works.

Same problem. Funny thing is speakers work just fine, but microphone and camera don’t. And of course, everything work perfectly with Teams, Google Meet and WhatsApp.

I’ve tried a lot of things, including uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and Zoom itself. Nothing seems to work. Any other idea?

I own a Lenovo L480 with Windows 10 OS.


I continue to have the same problem.  Just updated WINDOWS 11.  I have done all the things in the thread.  Headphone MIC works.  Google Meets desktop mic works.  >>>???<<<


I've tried every thing suggested here in this thread and still have the problem.  I can start or enter a Zoom session fine then suddenly a blueish line appears across my image in the Zoom gallery and the message referenced above appears on the screen.  I can still hear the other participants but lose audio and video and they can neither see nor hear me.  I have a remote tech support service.  I linked a session and I started a Zoom meeting.  We had the Computer and Zoom settings windows opened and watched as suddenly the audio and video settings on Zoom just disappeared.   Running on a desktop with a webcam.  No other audio or video services installed.