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Ensuring Safe Spaces: Urgent Call to Prevent Ponzi Schemes and Scams on Zoom


I hope this message finds you all well. My name is Danny de Hek, also known as The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger. ""

Over the past two years, I have been dedicated to combating individuals and entities promoting Ponzi schemes via Zoom Meetings.

I have extensively investigated numerous schemes, including but not limited to Cash FX, NovatechFX, LunaOne, Apollo Fintech, and many others (see the full list below). Despite my continuous reports to Zoom support, these companies persistently utilize Zoom for their meetings.

[List of Investigated Ponzi using Zoom over the last 2 years] Cash FX, NovatechFX, LunaOne, Apollo Fintech, AAS, SmartSteps, Hex, Tranzactcard, MaxSpeed, Taygeta, Validus,, The People Project, HyperTech, HyperCapital, HyperFund, HyperVerse, HyperNation, HyperCosmos, HyperPlanet, DAOversale, StableDao, VidiLook, VAV, V.E.N.D, MMM, We Are All Satoshi, Affiliate Advertising Club, WeWe Global, The Blockchain Era and Daisy

An alarming example is the company "We Are All Satoshi," identified as a Ponzi scheme by the Commissioner of Financial Protection and Innovation in California. [Link to official document:]

It has come to my attention that Zoom, being based in the same state, facilitates We Are All Satoshi's Zoom meetings. These meetings occur regularly from Monday to Friday and occasionally on Sundays at 1:00 pm (ESTS) via this link: Zoom Meeting Link:

I am writing to express my frustration and seek your support in urging Zoom to take immediate action against such activities. Despite our continuous reporting efforts, these meetings persist, contributing to the promotion of fraudulent schemes.

Therefore, I propose the establishment of a hotline for real-time reporting, ensuring swift response and the prompt shutdown of meetings associated with Ponzi schemes and scams.

Together, we can make a collective effort to maintain the integrity and safety of the Zoom platform. I kindly request your support and collaboration in bringing attention to this matter within our community.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Danny de Hek aka The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger



I've been ripped off by we are all satoshi 

I've been looking for the correct way to contact Zoom


i fell answers to your questions are the best starting place


 Zoom!, I am willing to go into their Zoom call with one of your official personal to identify the leaders in this scam and insure a right of way in correcting this depravity being rung on people from every nation daily


 they plead to have Thousands and millions of people involved with investing but there is no validity to their claims of daily returns and profits


 there is no project listing an actual product and their costumer service is bust


 please contact me Zoom!

As stated I've been watching the zoom meetings for over two years and they continue to grow they rinse and repeat and they start again and zoom is the main platform the scammers use I don't understand why ZOOM keeps providing the utility for them to promote their crooked schemes. If you read the terms and conditions of zoom you're not allowed to do any illegal activity. So why are they allowed to keep these zoom meetings open. Also if you search this forum there's very little other people complaining about this type of activity, I feel quite strongly about it and it needs to be addressed


Very odd that @Zoom allow these crypto scams to operate using their systems with no comeback...

I wish they had a forum on YouTube because they also allow them to post videos that promote Ponzi schemes wonder if they produce a video on how someone could cause grievous bodily harm to people if they would take it down. People are losing their life savings and a lot of them are dying by suicide because of the results they are getting when these Ponzi schemes don't deliver with their false claims.


All communities need to work together to stop illegal activities and there’s so many people being lured into zoom meetings selling a dream that’ll turn into a nightmare.

I just don't understand how come you're allowed to provide the tools that enable the scammers to promote illegal activities especially when there has been a cease-and-desist order from the state of California I live in New Zealand and this would not be acceptable.


I've also posted this in my community area of my YouTube channel see


I have family that has been and still are affected by these ponzi schemes. My hope is that zoom does what is necessary to shut these acts down on their platform. Thank you Danny_de_Hek for bringing light to this. You are needed. 


You're absolutely awesome Danny! A real champion. Wonder if Zoom will actually do anything about it