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Enhancing Zoom Performance and Quality on Gaming Laptops: Seeking Expertise


Hello Zoom Community,

I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out today with a topic that I believe many of us might be interested in: optimizing the Zoom experience on gaming laptops. As we navigate the world of remote work, online classes, and virtual meetings, having a smooth Zoom experience is crucial.

I recently acquired a gaming laptop (, primarily designed for gaming but also serving as my go-to device for work and video conferencing. However, I've encountered a few challenges specific to using Zoom on my gaming laptop, and I suspect I'm not alone in facing these issues:


  • Performance: Zoom sometimes seems to consume a lot of system resources on my gaming laptop, causing it to heat up and slow down. Are there any settings or tips to optimize Zoom's performance on gaming laptops without compromising video and audio quality?
  • Graphics Quality: Gaming laptops often come with high-resolution displays and advanced graphics capabilities. How can I make sure I'm getting the best video quality on Zoom to take full advantage of my laptop's capabilities?
  • Microphone and Audio: While gaming laptops tend to have excellent audio components, sometimes I experience issues with my microphone or speaker quality on Zoom calls. Are there any specific settings or external devices that can enhance audio quality?
  • Integration with Gaming Features: It would be great to know if there are any cool integrations or features that gaming laptops can leverage when using Zoom. For example, custom virtual backgrounds that showcase our gaming setups or using Zoom for gaming-related discussions and webinars.


Seeking Community Input:
I'm turning to this community in the hope of finding solutions and insights from fellow users who might have faced similar challenges or have discovered ways to enhance the Zoom experience on gaming laptops. If you have any knowledge, tips, or suggestions to share, I would greatly appreciate it.


Moreover, if there are any specific Zoom settings or configurations that work exceptionally well with gaming laptops, please do share your expertise. Let's collaborate to ensure that our Zoom experience on gaming laptops is nothing short of exceptional.


Thank you in advance for your valuable input and support!

Elive joseph




Thank you, this was my concern as well