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Ending after 40 minutes while we are 2 since the start


Meeting closing after 40 min even if we were and are only 2 participants... I am the "administrator"

Haven't changed anything since my last meeting last week...  I don't have any other meeting at the same time, security features seems OK... It never happened since last 2 years in the context of only "2 participants" to the meeting in the basic plan... Any idea what is the problem?





Hello, sorry for saying this, but, on May 1 there was an update that limits the meeting 1 to 1 on basic plans to 40 minutes

Ok, thanks, did not see that :o(

Thank you for the info. 
This makes me very angry but I'm glad to know I'm not going crazy. 


Hi Anne, This is news to me too and it was good to see I'm not the only one alarmed. This has changed my way of seeing zoom and made me decide to look for other alternatives outside of zoom.

Same here. Really disappointing. 


I am extremely disappointed in this new 40 minutes limit for 1:1 meetings.  I teach 45 minute music lessons!  Ask me if I want to pay $150/year to extend another 5 minutes..... and I don't have that many students anymore due to the pandemic.

My lessons are 1 hour and I am definitely going to check out alternatives to Zoom.
I know there are many options out there. 



I am also extremely disappointed in this decision.  I am going to look for another platform for my video calls even if I have to pay for them.  Very unhappy with Zoom’s decision. 



I even tried the supposed work-around where you leave the meeting, and re-join, but it does not work.

At this point, for the time being I am going to schedule my music lessons in 30 minute + 15 minute segments and have a 1 minute break in the middle.  But a different platform may be better.  I'm sure people who are making a decent living can afford $150 but I sure cannot.

I can't afford this either, with only two sessions, 2 hours a week!  This is too much!  Why don't they have a lower level for people like us?  I would pay $5 a month....


I am not happy with this change.  I also teach private music lessons and will not be upgrading.  I will likely move over to Microsoft TEAMS for my lessons.

No thank you ZOOM.