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Enabling virtual background for Linux with Ryzen 4 core CPU



My desktop PC has 4core AMD Ryzen CPU. Based on this article   I was trying to test if my CPU could effort the virtual background.

I use Zoom desktop client 5.12.0 downloaded from Zoom download page and I installed 5.11.9 plugin from this page , the plugin version is minor than the desktop client because this article  says:

Note: Be sure to always install a version of the VDI Zoom desktop client that is equal to or greater than the Zoom VDI Plugin.

After plugin installation I modified the parameter  SMARTVB=1  and restarted Zoom service (even I tried to restart the whole PC)  as explained in the first article, but nothing happens: I have no virtual background capabilities.

Where is my mistake?

Thx a lot for your help