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Editing the Audio Transcript


I'm trying to edit an live transcript on a cloud recording. The Zoom help page says that the transcript should appear in a right panel after clicking play. What I get in a right panel is the chat from the meeting.I can turn CC on or off., but I can't find a way to view and edit the transcript. 


I've seen this described elsewhere but haven't seen any solutions to it. 


Any help out there? Thanks.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @prplmtns 

To create a Transcript file, Transcript creation must be enabled in the recording settings.

Is Create audio transcrit turned on in the recording settings?



To edit a Transcript file, play the recording and hover the mouse pointer over the text to be edited and click the pencil mark that appears.
The edit window will then appear.

Editing can only be performed by the host.





Does the edited transcript automatically save once I have completed the edits so that I can download a revised transcript? 

I have this same question about edited transcripts. Did you ever receive a response? 

I did not receive. a response but your message reminded me to come back to it. From what I can see, you can download the transcript and edit directly onto it instead of editing the transcript next to the visual recording.  The transcript does not look as appealing/ easy to read as it would from a site like HappyScribe, but it's still good to have.