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Editing an existing zoom meeting


I created and advertised a meeting recently. I now have  to edit the meeting description due to a change in a speaker's bio.  When I hit the Edit button, I received a pop-up message that states "Your personal meeting ID is disabled. By saving this meeting, a new meeting ID will be automatically generated."  

Does this mean if I edit the description and save it, the new meeting ID will be different than the one I previously advertised and there will be TWO meetings at the same date and time?


Community Champion


Editing meeting description will not affect meeting ID .


I believe you will get this error message if :

  1. the setting "Enable Personal Meeting ID " was disabled (either on account / Group or User level) --> Check screen shot 1 
  2. after you created/ scheduled your meeting using [Personal Meeting ID] instead of  [Generate Automatically]  option. check screen 2 & 3

Check if you can enable this setting back under settings > meeting tab > schedule meeting > toggle enable "Enable Personal Meeting ID" If not possible then it's locked by Admin and in that case the new meeting ID should be sent to the attendees for them to join your meeting