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Echo problems in open plan office




I work in a small open plan office with four people and we've been trying to work out how to stop having echo problems when only some of us join a client Zoom call. So the example scenario is that the Zoom call is hosted by our client and two of us join with our headsets which have in built microphones (+ cameras which have in built microphones but these are switched off). We not only hear eachother through our microphones but also from opposite sides of the desk. There's also the issue of hearing other colleagues in the room who are not on the call. I'm guessing the solution is noise cancelling headphones with in built microphones so it's as if we're not in the same room but I'd be grateful for any other thoughts!



you must hear each other all the time with the open office scenario. if you are all wearing headsets with mics and you have Zoom audio suppress background noise set to auto. if your headset mic is a small condenser mic that's near your mouth it should not be picking up anything even a few feet away. however if someone next to you is being picked up by your mic then you could try unchecking auto adjust mic volume in zoom audio settings. then lower the input level a little bit. No one should be using open speakers to listen to zoom in your situations.  You could spend money on hardware like a mix pre 3 with noise assist. but it can be expensive.