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Echo and static sound during Zoom meetings

Hi there, In the course of last weeks, we've been experiencing heavy echoing static while anyone in the meeting is speaking. It is audible by the speaker themselves and by all participants, no matter what hardware is used. Thanks for advising about this.


Hmm maybe.  I just had problems with all audio output for the first time today. I updated Zoom last week and didn't have a problem after that, but yesterday I updated my computer, like I do about every two weeks, and now Zoom client has bad audio.


It's not just all guests that sound bad, even the Zoom audio test produces the same distortion.  Can you test this?  That way we know we are experiencing the same thing.  (open settings and go to audio, then click the "Test" button at the top.  It will play an incoming call sound.  Do you hear the same distortion there as you are reporting in this thread?  I do.


I wouldn't describe it as background, noise, or static; it sounds more like the sound is cutting out 20 times every second, choppy, plus maybe a bit of echo on top.


If I connect to the meeting with my web-browser (Firefox) the audio is fine.


Not quite the same issue then, since the incoming call sound is fine. BTW I'm experiecing it using Firefox, and so do others in the meeting. The kind of noise is more like a heavily distorted, unintelligible echo in the background whenever someone is speaking - quite annoying, in fact.

okay, thanks.


I have also been getting static.  It occurs on and off when I am speaking.  I don't hear it, but others listening to me do hear it.  Lasts for a minute or two.  I've heard recordings - the static is loud!  I use Microsoft Edge.  Any suggestions to fix?


When record an interview I do not hear static. Some of my participants hear static on their end and when I playback the recording it sounds almost like other voices in the background - sounding like the old cartoons. It happens when people are talking and lingers after. These aren't for broadcast but an important event. How do I get rid of them and prevent them from happening in the future. I am using Zoom on Chrome. Should I change to Safari or another browser? I am working on a Mac.


I have been experiencing this same issue ever since I upgraded.  The other person can hear me but I can't hear them and it is VERY loud static and I have to disconnect for it to go away.  This won't work when I'm leading group discussions.  I think something is going on with Zoom.