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Echo Dot Connect to Zoom Meetings by Voice Command


Hi Eveyone.


I am trying to help a friend who has recently become almost blind. Im believe the Alexa Echo Dot can be set up using a calander to join a Zoom meeting with a voice command of Alexa, "Join the zoom meeting" for example.

I have set up the Alexa app on my phone using a US business account.

I have linked that to my calander where I have created a meeting event to test

I have added the zoom skill from amazon to the app

When I give the voice command "Alexa join my zoom meeting" it responds "hhm I don't know that one" as if the zoom skill isn't recognised or being used. 

However I can see the zoom skill in the app and if I lauch it, it will send a link to my email which will open the meeting but i can't get the voice command to work. 

Can anyone please give me guidance on what i am missing?


I don''t know what else to do now.

Zoom help suggets this can work on a audio only basis so im hoping t get to the bottom pof it some how



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @Guy3 ! Have you checked this support article about Getting started with Zoom on Echo Show and the prerequisites?


Thanks crissyd, yes I did. After a few back and forwards with Zoom support it seems that the Echo Dot must connect to an Echo Show device it cannot be used on its own. However, they say the EchoeShow devices are't working with UK accounts at the moment. 

Appreciate your responding