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Duplicate Calendar meetings for separate emails




We have a meeting where we need to send a separate invitation inviting them to a Zoom meeting to a "guest speaker" but we also need to send the same invitation to our required attendees who are part of the Committee. Today, when we sent the invitation to the guest speaker's email - the Zoom app in Outlook automatically created a calendar appointment on Outlook for that email. Then, when we sent out the calendar email invite for all the required attendees - it created a duplicate calendar invite in Outlook.


We are trying to figure out if there is a setting that will prevent two duplicate calendar entries from the Zoom app in Outlook or if this is a bug that needs to be worked on by Zoom. The meeting ID for both were the same. Nothing in the emails were different except the body of the message. The zoom invitation (copied by the app into the Outlook invite messenger window) was the same also.


Upon conducting some research, it appears that other Zoom users who have Outlook or Gmail have the same issue as we think it may be a bug or a missing setting but just want to confirm.


Thanks for any help.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @practicemanage as to what I am understanding, you're inviting users via Calendar Integration, however, you invite users to the same meeting with different invitation body text to different invitees? For example, separate invites to your guest speaker, and then to your attendees? I could see the duplication of invites populating here. Does the Guest Speaker have a role such as a co-host or just a participant? Thinking you could include all attendees and your guest speaker in one invite. 


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