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Dual-Monitor Setup: Zoom disagrees with Windows 11 as to which is monitor 1 & which is 2


Fellow Windows nerds will be familiar with how you can “Identify” your monitors inside the display settings.  This temporarily pops up a numeric identifier to make clear which is monitor 1 and which is 2, or 3 or more.  In my case I have 2.  Monitor 1 is connected via a DisplayPort output, and 2 is connected via hdmi.  However, when I’m in zoom and sinvoke the screen share dialogue box, the available screens to share are reversed.  I’m trying to train others to run meetings among individuals of a variety of skill levels.  This discrepancy mis-orients the user positionaly in our case, and also simply causes confusion in general because we refer to monitor 2 as the “second display,” which it rightly is, but zoom insists that it’s monitor 1.    Very annoying!  Anyone know how to resolve?  My best guess is that this has something to do with the fact that when the computer was first turned on out of the box, it was only connected to an hdmi monitor alone.  Then later, the DisplayPort monitor was added, and made the primary in windows 11.  Thanks in advance.



Hello Statbirt -- Did you find a solution to this issue?  I'm experiencing the same problem.


I'm in need of a fix as well. I just switched to a new laptop. Windows is set up properly with two monitors 1(left) and 2(right) but Zoom has misidentified monitor 1 and monitor 2 when screen sharing so I have to remember to share screen 2 to show what's on display 1. How can you define which monitor is 1 within Zoom?


It's weird. At home, I have Windows 11 with an Nvidia RTX 3070 (for laptops) and the Zoom (version 5.14.0) windows identification works. At the meeting, we have a Windows 11 with an Nvidia RTX 3060 (tower desktop) and Zoom (I'll need to check the version) windows identification is switched around and differs than what Windows 11 has setup.


I have the same problem, and it's a new problem with Windows 10. 

My set up at home continues to work correctly. My setup in the office, with the same model docking station, exhibits this issue. Display 1 is considered screen 2, and Display 2 is considered Screen 1. This happens after an office move. But I think the monitors are plugged in exactly the same way. I can't seem to dig out of this.



I'm having the same issue.

Windows properly identifies but Zoom is reversed.


Zoom suddenly was misidentifying my two monitor numbers- swapping them vs my Windows designation. I resolved by temporarily disconnecting my 2nd monitor, opening a zoom meeting and sharing my screen (to myself). I reconnected my second monitor while continuing to share from monitor#1. I only had to do this one time.

This fixed my issue. Thank you.