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Downloaded .mp4 files not playing or Uploading to YouTube


 I just downloaded all the .mp4 files from the cloud and none play. Im trying an upload to YouTube to see it the meta files get fixed.  Any advise on uploading to YT or even playing the downloaded zoom meting video recordings? None of the files play. I've only tried uploading the  gvo_1280x720.mp4 to YouTube, which first says processing taking longer then usual, please wait. Then fails with "Processing abandoned. The video could not be processed."

Which video file is best to upload to YouTube or is it going to fail if I cant play the file with Windows Media Player. (See image of dowloaded file types - all of them on the cloud).

Im on Win7 (wont upgrade to 10). The video plays from the cloud ok. I may want to edit the video in my Camtasia 8, but as I recall there was a problem there also that years ago I learned to solve with a YouTube video upload, then download to work in Camtasia (meta files issue YT fixed). Cant do that if cant upload to YouTube. 



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @JulieW welcome to the community! I see you have a support ticket open with our internal team; please continue to seek assistance through the ticket! If our support agents are able to resolve your issue, please share how you did so in order to help other community members who are experiencing a similar problem to yours! 🙂 Thanks!

Zoom Community Moderator

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