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Download cloud recording with Slides + Presenter View


Hi all - I have a big client who would like the recordings of the presentations I did for them on Zoom. They want them like they looked when I present. The slides and then the small window with my face. But the downloaded recording only contains 4 separate files and not the 'original' combined recording, which people see live AND which I see when I look at the recording online. 


Any ideas? They insist on getting this combined recording ASAP!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Is one of the files you see listed called "Shared Screen with Speaker View"?  That's probably the one you need.


Also, in your cloud recording settings, did you have "Record active speaker with shared screen" selected?  Or more importantly in the advanced cloud recording settings, have "Record thumbnails when sharing" checked?  If those aren't checked, especially the second one, I don't believe (and someone from Zoom would need to confirm), that you'll see the video of you in the box on the recording.


See here also:


Is it possible for you to re-record it to the cloud where you're the only meeting attendee, but make sure these settings are turned on first?  Or take the individual clips in a video editor and marry them together?